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Tips for Choosing a Heavy Equipment Transport Company

Transporting Heavy Machinery on Landoll TrailerGetting a piece of heavy equipment from point A to point B might seem like a straightforward task, but anyone who has experience in this area can tell you that it can be filled with challenges and complexities. Before you assign the job of transporting your valuable assets your business relies on to remain productive that can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s crucial for you to consider how to choose a heavy equipment transport company you can trust.

Whether you need help transporting compact machines such as skid steer loaders, mini hydraulic excavators and industrial generators, engines and pumps, you want a company that instills confidence that it will get the job done right. You’re looking for a partner that can move your equipment safely without damaging it or causing an accident. And finally, you need someone who can provide your delivery on time and within budget.

Before you make this important decision, consider the following tips for choosing an equipment transport company.

How to Hire the Best Commercial Transport Company

It’s always wise to take a measured, thoughtful approach when you’re deciding with whom you’re going to do business. Make sure to take the necessary steps in vetting companies to ensure they have what it takes and offer everything you need before you sign on the dotted line. In other words, be sure to perform the following due diligence.

1. Confirm That the Commercial Transport Company Has the Appropriate Basic Qualifications

There are a variety of minimum requirements a business should meet to be considered for the job of transporting heavy equipment. First, it should be credible, demonstrating industry experience and a proven track record for successfully completing a wide range of projects. Ask for references and read online reviews and recently posted testimonials from real customers.

Pose questions and review documentation to ensure the provider has the appropriate insurance. Do they have the required licensing to perform the work you need? What’s their safety rating? How long have they been in business? If any company can’t answer these questions or does not exhibit the minimum qualifications, you should check them right off the list.

2. Find out How Much It’s Going to Cost and Whether the Transport Company Can Handle the Logistics

Of course, when you’re choosing a heavy equipment transport company, it starts and ends with whether or not the plan can work within your budget. Be careful though, as some businesses play the game of quoting you a low price you can hardly believe. The price often isn’t real because they plan on hitting you with hidden costs. Make sure you get everything out on the table in terms of expenses and services provided, and agree to a definitive price within the range you’re willing to pay.

While you’re having the discussion about money, take the time to confirm that the company can actually transport your specific equipment. This step is especially critical if you have an extremely hefty, large or otherwise challenging load. You want to hire a commercial transport company that has done this type of work before and can deploy the staff and resources to deliver within your schedule and time frame. One of the most important factors in your decision-making process should be the quality and experience of the overall team.

3. Complete a Careful Review of the Company’s Commercial Transport Capabilities

Not all commercial transport companies are equal in terms of what they can do for you. In fact, there can be a vast divide in the industry. You want a business that can do everything you require, not just part of it. We’re talking rigging if necessary along with loading, trucking, warehousing and unloading. The best heavy equipment transport company for you is the one that can do it all.

Partner with a transport provider that has an extensive fleet of trucks, trailers and other equipment to ensure it has the right tools for the task at hand. Can they accommodate projects calling for crating, packaging and shrink wrapping services or short or long-term storage solutions? You’re looking for end to end, door to door service.

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