A Beginner’s Guide to Third-Party Logistics


When it comes to your business, you want involvement in everything. But what do you do when your involvement takes too much of your focus? Third-party logistics and fulfillment may be your answer. Third-party logistics providers, also known as 3PL, are companies that offer services much like those of fulfillment centers. By using a 3PL,…


Packaged Heavy Equipment

How to Protect Heavy Equipment When It’s Not in Use

JULY 16, 2021

Heavy equipment is a valuable asset for your business. If you need to store it for the offseason or another purpose, it’s important to protect your investment from damage and theft. That’s where Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC comes in. We help you protect your heavy equipment with secure and customized warehousing solutions that fit…


Old Construction Equipment

How to Dispose of Old Machinery

MAY 26, 2021

You may be anxious to dispose of your used scrap equipment and machinery. Maybe it’s taking up space or becoming an inconvenience. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with lightening your load, but is there a way you can benefit in the process? Consider these five solutions for getting rid of your machinery in a cost-effective and…


How to Move a Vertical Milling Machine

MARCH 4, 2021

Transporting your vertical milling machine is no simple task. At thousands of pounds, your machine will need to be moved with the utmost care. You need to obtain the right tools, take the necessary precautions and secure your machine correctly. When in doubt, it’s best to call the equipment transportation professionals to get the job done safely. How…


Working in Equip Trucking Warehouse

Why It’s Okay to Buy Used Machinery

JANUARY 23, 2021

If you need equipment for a new project or want to build out your fleet, it’s tempting to look at new equipment. But if the latest equipment models are outside your budget, consider buying a used machine. Many people hesitate when it comes to used equipment, but there are many benefits of buying your machinery…


Loading Rigging Equipment on the Trailer

Safety Tips for Hauling Industrial Equipment

NOVEMBER 20, 2020

Your business relies on heavy-duty equipment for construction jobs, roadwork, manufacturing efforts and beyond. It’s often necessary to transport machinery and vehicles from point A to point B, so hauling procedures come into play for smooth operations. Driving safe with heavy loads can be the difference between remaining efficient and causing a fatal accident. This…


How to Prepare Heavy Equipment for Transportation

AUGUST 29, 2020

Whether you’re on the farm or on the construction site, having the right equipment for the job is essential. In some cases, this means transporting equipment from one storage facility or job site to another. Transporting heavy equipment is an involved process that requires careful planning and execution. There are a few necessary steps you…


Transporting Power Machine to Storage

Guide to Hauling Industrial & Manufacturing Machines

JULY 30, 2020

Moving industrial equipment is a process with many necessary steps that you must complete to ensure the load is transported safely and effectively with as little downtime as possible. If you need rigging services in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware or New Jersey, come to the professionals at Equip Trucking. Read more about our heavy machine hauling…


Equip Trucking Transporting Rigging Machinery

How to Properly Store and Maintain Your Heavy Equipment and Machinery

JUNE 8, 2020

Your heavy equipment and machinery represent a large investment, and you need it to stay in good condition to continue running your company. However, improperly storing equipment leaves it susceptible to wear and tear, breakdowns and internal and external damage. Even minor damage or a short breakdown can lead to a high price tag and…


equip trucking industrial rigging service project

The Ultimate Safety Guide to Hoisting and Rigging Heavy Machinery

MAY 8, 2020

Moving heavy materials from point A to point B is vital for the efficiency of any operation working with massive loads — construction materials, pipes, shipping containers, building structures and more. But lifting and rigging procedures demand trained and skilled workers to ensure a safe environment. Your crew should be aware of the different hazards…



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