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Past Projects - Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC

At Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC, our legacy is defined by a rich history of successful projects that highlight our expertise in heavy equipment transporting, rigging, and warehousing services. From relocating industrial machinery to setting up complex rigging systems, our team has consistently delivered solutions tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs. Explore our past projects to see how we've helped businesses overcome logistical challenges and achieve their goals with precision and reliability.


Milnor Move

Equip Trucking & Warehousing team moving and loading large Milnor machines in Maryland on one of our Landolls to transport back to our warehouse.

WBCo. Delivery & Rigging

Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC was asked to help install and set up equipment for a new brewery company. We unloaded three 40 foot enclosed containers full of new tanks and brewery equipment. We then stood up each tank and placed them in the brewery. Please watch video to see our crew in action.

Unload, place and install new custom multi-million dollar manufacturing machine

Our rigging team met truck on site in Chester, PA and used our 500 ton hydraulic gantry crane to offload this 120,000 lb machine. The machine was then uncrated and our machinery movers skated it through a narrow aisle of this machine shop. Our rigging team then worked with factory technicians to assemble the machine.

Tandem forklift pick up of a Mazak Laser

ETW offloaded, uncrated and used two riggers forklifts to transport and navigate this Mazak laser through a narrow alleyway in the streets of Philadelphia, PA. Our machinery movers then skated the Mazak laser through a machine shop's warehouse.

Tandem forklift pick

Offload and place a locomotive train for manufacturing company

Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC used two 80,000lb riggers special forklifts to lift, offload, and place a locomotive train for a manufacturing company in Delaware County, Pennsylvania using riggers booms with lifting chains and slings.

Offload and Place a Locomotive Train - Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC

Deliver, unload and place new vertical boring mill

Our team strategically delivered and placed this new 58,000lb vertical CNC boring mill for a local manufacturing facility. Our professional and experienced riggers used our 80,000lb Riggers Special forklift to pick and place this machine. In addition, we leveled and anchored the machine to the floor of the facility's warehouse for optimal use in their manufacturing plant.

Blocked and strapped loaded overseas containers

Our team loaded several 20,000 lb air compressors into overseas containers with less than one inch clearance on each side. We then blocked and strapped them inside of the container to make sure they arrived safely.

Haas CNC machining center move

Our team moved this Large Haas CNC mill for a local machine shop. The machine was located in a very tight space, our team had to skate the machine outside then pick it up using our 80,000 lbs riggers special forklift. We then transported to there other location and placed it in there building. Keep us in mind for all your CNC machinery moves

Machinery Moving Services - Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC

Off load and placement of a 56,000 lb Hyundai vertical machining center

Off loaded and placed a new Hyundai CNC Vertical Machining Center weighing 56,000 lbs. Our team of experienced machinery movers used our 80,000 lb Riggers Special forklift to off load, uncrate, and place on the customers shop floor in Maryland.

Place and Install Industrial Oven for Aerospace Facility

40-ton hydraulic gantry crane pick of a custom fabricated stairway

ETW operated out 40-ton hydraulic gantry crane to lift this custom fabricated stairway onto an outside truck. The fabrication shop had minimal space so a forklift was unable to fit in the shop. ETW had the right equipment to move this custom piece safely.

40 ton gantry crane pick stairway

Install New Tank for Parts Washer Inside a Custom Foundation for Local Aerospace Facility

ETW disassembled parts washer to fit through low and narrow doorways at local aerospace facility. We then lowered each piece with an aluminum gantry crane into a custom foundation. Parts washer was then re-assembled by our experienced team of machinery movers.

Machinery Moving and Rigging Services - Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC

New Doosan CNC lathe install

Our rigging team relocated an entire machine shop from Lancaster, PA to Delaware County, PA. The machinery included over 25 CNC machines, lathes, press brakes, cabinets, office equipment and much more. We did this job in multiple phases to keep this company up and running during their move. Our trucking and machinery movers work great together to get this job done earlier than expected.

New Doosan cnc lathe install

Large Haas CNC mill install

Large haas cnc mill install

Install boiler on the third floor of warehouse

Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC installed a 50,000lb boiler on the third floor of a major pharmaceutical company. We used our gantry crane with a one inch thick steel plate to hold and lift the boiler into the window. Once we were at the window, we skated the machine into place. This job takes a team of machinery movers with years of experience to complete this difficult task safely and efficiently.

Press brake install

Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC installs and moves hundreds of press brakes per year. Hydraulic press breaks are very top heavy so they can be very dangerous to move. With our experienced team of riggers, we can guarantee to move your fabrication machinery safely and efficiently.

Press Assembly

Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC assembled this brand new 12,500 ton, multi-million dollar vacuum press. In this picture you can view our team installing one of the six 60,000 lb cylinders. This type of machine does not come with assembly instructions. It takes a team of experienced, expert riggers to come together and calculate a rigging plan to construct this vacuum press safely, smoothly, and on budget. Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC built this press in its entirety, from the ground up with precise accuracy.

New CNC machine install

Mazak CNC horizontal machining center relocation from manufacturers old building to their new warehouse. Our machine movers did an excellent job from rigging, trucking and even anchoring and leveling this machine. Our machine movers completed this move in one day..

Rigging and place new CNC lathe on 3rd floor for Temple University

Rigging equipment

Remove autoclave oven from major aerospace facility

Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC dismantled and removed this large autoclave from a major aerospace facility. This autoclave oven was used to heat helicopter blades and was being replaced with a newer oven. In order to get this machine to fit out of the building, our expert team of riggers removed the wall and used our 400 ton hydraulic gantry crane to lift and carry the autoclave out of the building. We then lifted and placed iton an eight axle trailer for transport to another one of their locations.

New washing machines for a local prison

We installed two new industrial washing machines at a local prison. Due to height restrictions, we had to lay the machines over outside then skate them through narrow hallways and stand them back up in the laundry room. We removed ceiling tiles and lifted the laundry equipment with our 5 ton aluminum gantry crane and 5,000lb forklift in order to place the machines. After we set them in place, we grouted and anchored the equipment in place.

Siemens plant relocation

Siemens in Trenton, NJ shut down their entire plant. They hired Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC to relocate metalworking machines to their other plants around the United States. Our team of riggers were met with the task of dismantling large boring mills, CNC machines, planner mills, in addition to many other metalworking machines. When our team dismantles a machine, we properly tag, label and store all parts so the reassembly team can easily reassemble the machine. We cleaned out the entire warehouse and left the building broom swept. This job was completed over a three month span. We specialize in large warehouse clean outs and would love to quote your next clean out job!

Assembly of large multi-million dollar steel structure

We helped out one of the largest airlines in the world, building a new state-of-the-art multi-million dollar platform to work on their super jets. Equip Trucking and Warehousing supplied the warehousing space and crane operator and riggers to put this 70-foot high steel structure together.

Assembly of Large Multi-Million Dollar Steel Structure

Removal of 40,000 lb pump from pumping station

Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC removed a 40,000 lb Motor from a pumping station and then delivered it to have it rebuilt. Our experienced team of machinery movers moved the motor with our 80,000 lb riggers special forklift with a riggers boom attachment.

Machinery Moving Services - Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC

Crating and packaging

This was one of the 30 crates we built and stretch-wrapped for one of the largest aerospace companies in the USA.

Industrial Crating and Packaging at Equip Trucking

Unloaded truck full of metalworking machinery

Equip Trucking and Warehousing unloaded one of many trucks that come in for some of the industry's largest manufacturers and machinery dealers.

Equip Trucking Equipment Loading

Delivery and placement of new Mazak CNC to manufacturing facility

Our riggers delivered and placed a New Mazak CNC laser machine in the warehouse of a new manufacturing facility.

Delivered and placed vertical boring mill

We warehoused this large vertical boring mill for a local machine shop for three months until they were ready to have it installed in their facility. We then transported this 80,000-pound machine to their facility and met with our team of riggers to offload and place this machine in a timely manner.

Loading Rigging Equipment on the Trailer

Pick up and delivery

Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC picked up equipment at a local auction and delivered to contractors job site.

Transporting Case Machinery

Lowering Haas and wind tunnel into basement at Swarthmore College

Rigging and installation of new wind tunnel for Swarthmore Collage. Our team of machine movers rigged and assembled this new wind tunnel in the basement at the local college. Once we rigged this into the basement, we used our 5 ton aluminum gantry crane to assist in building the machine.

Deliver and Place Pizza Oven

Our team delivered and placed a new pizza oven in Sea Isle, New Jersey. They were given the difficult task of putting this 7,000 lb oven through the window with less then a 1/2 inch clearance on either side. They then had to pallet jack this to the back corner of the room. Another happy customer. Can't wait to try their pizza!

Deliver and place hydraulic sheer at local fabrication shop

Our machinery moving team relocated an entire fabrication company from New Jersey to Horsham, Pennsylvania. Our riggers moved and transported sheers, press brakes, band saws, water jets, and more! Our experienced riggers are capable of moving any machinery in the world.

Unload and place furnace

Offloaded and placed two 65,000lb furnaces for a forging company. Our team also leveled and assembled each furnace on a tight deadline to get them up and running for our customer

Dismantling Flywheel Off Press

Dismantling Flywheel Off Press - Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC

Load and deliver vertical boring mill

Removal and disposal of chiller and boiler

Our crew of riggers had to skate this Rockford Hydraulic Shaper Planer out of a local machine shops building. Our expert machinery movers were able to skate the machine out of an extremely narrow aisle way and safely remove it from the building.

Removal of Rockford Hydraulic Shaper Planer

Removed 70,000lb Chiller from large pharmaceutical company using our two 80,000lb rigger special forklifts. We then loaded it on our truck and delivered to the scrap yard.

Load 40' High Cube into Open Container

We loaded a 40 foot high cube open top container with 12 bundles of steel tubing with our overhead crane.

Injection Molding Machine Load

Our team of riggers loaded injection molding machines onto an outside truck. They have been in storage at our warehouse for several weeks until the customer was ready to pick them up.

Delivery of Batch System

We delivered a batch system that we received at our warehouse. The customer sent it to us to offload and deliver to their location.

Offload of Two Survey Boats from Container

Another day, another boat!! Today we offloaded two survey boats from an overseas container. We will load these on one of our trucks and deliver to the customer when they are ready for them

Delivery and Placement of Lasertube LT7

We delivered and placed this Lasertube LT7 Laser machine for our customer.

Offload and Place Boat Mold in Warehouse

Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC was met with the task of offloading this boat mold from a truck with two tandem forklifts and skating it into our customer's warehouse.

Offload and Place Boat Mold in Warehouse

Our team offloaded this Doosan NHP 6300 metalworking machine with our RS80 Riggers Special forklift.

Delivery of Car Lifts in Rittenhouse Square

Recently, our team was in Rittenhouse Square delivering ibeams. The company who hired us is installing car lifts in garages in Rittenhouse Square. These car lifts allow homeowners to store two cars in their garages on top of one another.

Remove Old Motor and Place with New Motor

Our team of heavy machinery movers and riggers had to remove an old motor from a client's business and place a new motor in its place. We used our Riggers Special RS-80 80,000 LB forklift with a riggers boom to do the job.

Offload and Placement of 90,000 lb CNC Lathe

Check out this 90,000lb CNC lathe. This machine is hanging from our gantry crane and came from Germany and to be offloaded and placed in our customer's warehouse.

Remove Forklift from Train Car

Equip Trucking was tasked to remove a forklift from a train car and put it in another train car so our customer could remove the contents.

Installation of Brand New SNK Bridge Mill

Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC installing new SNK CNC Bridge Mill. For this portion of the job, you can view our team of riggers installing 15,000lb ram and head for this machine. As you can see in the pictures, we had a couple obstacles with height restrictions and had to block the pit out so we can drive our 80,000lb riggers special forklift out onto oak cribbing to reach the center of this machine.

Disposal of a G&L Machine from a Manufacturing Plant

Residential Statue Removal

Our riggers at Equip Trucking on a job removing large statues in a residential neighborhood. They had to lift the statues up and over the house to remove them.

Boiler Removal and Replacement

Equip Trucking riggers removing and replacing an old tank with a new one. This tank was located in a tight space and was part of a boiler system at a tobacco factory.

Large Commercial Laundry Equipment Removal and Replacement

Our experience riggers removed old laundry equipment and replaced it with new ones at one of the largest commercial laundry companies. This company shut their plant down for the weekend and gave us the task to complete a weeks long job in just three days. Our team of machinery movers completed the task swiftly, safely and on time!

Disassemble and Load OD Grinder

Our rigging team was tasked to disassemble and load an OD grinder with our Rig-N-Lift 30-45 Versalift

Removal and Transport of a Motor Lift

Our riggers used the 80,000lb forklift with riggers boom to remove a motor lift from a pump house then transported it to another location for repairs on a lowboy trailer


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