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Bridging the gap between technical expertise and a commitment to customer service, Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC's industrial rigging services offer comprehensive solutions for businesses in Philadelphia, PA, and the tri-state area, which includes Pennsylvania, New Jersey , Maryland and Delaware. With more than three decades of experience solving heavy equipment rigging and moving challenges for our customers, we have the skills and the fleet necessary to provide turnkey project management and support. Contact us to find out about our rigger services!

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Heavy Lifting Rigging Services & Equipment

Moving and rigging are core components of our business. Over the years, we've invested heavily in equipment and training for our team to become the go-to source for all your heavy equipment rigging needs. We work with customers in a wide range of industries, including:

We provide end-to-end service for any project from the planning stages to the rigging and installation itself. We'll work closely with you, getting to know your needs and priorities, and tailor our services accordingly. Every job we work on is unique — check out our Past Projects gallery to see some of the industrial lifting and rigging work we've done in the past in PA, NJ, DE, MD and more.

What Are Machine Rigging Services?

The process of rigging machines is necessary any time business owners want to transport heavy-duty equipment from point A to point B. This process might involve something as simple as changing the position of machines within the same facility or as extensive as moving them across state borders. Decision-makers should always partner with trusted equipment riggers like those at Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC to make sure employees stay out of harm's way and investments remain in peak operating conditions.

Rigging services are useful during the design stages of manufacturing facilities. Our team gives you the flexibility to lift, slide and completely relocate autoclaves, ovens, electrical cabinets and other equipment you rely on for success. Having a rigging company on your side that knows the best approach for your objective helps you complete moving projects as quickly as possible.

Moving Heavy Equipment

Machine Hauling and Rigging

It takes specialized tools to rig and move machinery and heavy equipment safely. Equip Trucking can get you to your job site quickly and economically. We provide construction machinery rigging services for any size machine, including excavators, backhoe loaders and dozers.

Our industrial rigging services range from a single machine to a complete plant relocation. We install, dismantle and move machinery new and used. Our team consists of the best professional riggers with years of experience in the industrial machinery moving industry. We have all the machinery moving equipment with the knowledge and experience that allows us to take on some of the largest and most challenging Industrial & Machine Rigging Services jobs in the world. No machinery moving job is too large or small for us to handle.

Specialized Rigging

Construction crews are not the only businesses that can benefit from our equipment rigging and transportation expertise. We also work with manufacturers and industrial customers who need to move large mixers, turbines, printing presses and other equipment. We can assist with everything from general millwrighting to relocating an entire plant.

If you're moving a large piece of equipment, we offer comprehensive services including repairs, dismantling, transportation, reassembly, installation and leveling. We also provide site support on the day of the move, preparing the loading and unloading areas, planning the route and escort drivers and handling any administrative issues as they arise.

Crating and Packaging

If you're moving delicate equipment, the hazards of the road can easily lead to costly damage. To prevent avoidable wear and tear, we provide crating and packaging services for equipment of any size.

We work with several materials, including polyethylene plastic shrink wrap to block out moisture, dust and other contaminants. If crating is necessary, we can design and build a custom wooden crate that provides extra protection when moving your equipment on a flatbed trailer.

We also provide short- and long-term storage for industrial equipment. Our 200,000 square foot warehouse is heated and secure, making it the perfect place to hold sensitive machinery during a facility relocation or while your business requirements change. Check out our Warehousing page for more information.

Types of Rigging Equipment

Specialized rigging and moving jobs require specialized equipment. We have one of the largest fleets of trailers, including hydraulic slide-axle tilt step deck models, lowboy goosenecks, standard flatbed and drop-deck trailers. Our warehouse contains more than 20 forklifts with capacities up to 50,000 pounds and a 100-ton, radio-controlled bridge crane with 60-foot under-hooks for heavy lift rigging.

Just as importantly, our skilled team knows how to use this equipment and leverage it to deliver success on your equipment rigging project. You can rest assured knowing Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC utilizes high-strength tie-downs and other fasteners to keep machines in place when on vehicle flatbeds and trailers.

The Benefits of Working With Professional Machinery Riggers

Our rigging services allow you to focus on running your business while our logistics experts take care of the fine details. Keeping track of your employees and daily responsibilities should always be your top priority, so our team is here to help you get situated in an all-new plant, facility or remote location. Expand into new opportunities, stay on track to meet deadlines and know that your equipment is installed properly for immediate results when you work with Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC.

We know that construction equipment, manufacturing technology and other heavy-duty machines are essential to your industry. That's why it's so important to partner with a rigging company that transport your assets with care. Rigging services can streamline your machine moving efforts by:

  • Reducing the risk of employee injuries.
  • Keeping equipment from shifting throughout transit.
  • Loading and unloading machines without damaging them.
  • Keeping equipment under close watch on the road.

Contact us to learn more about the machinery riggers near you, and our service areas as riggers in Philadelphia PA, NJ, MD and DE.

Machinery Rigging Servicing the Tri-State Area

With flexible service offerings, high-quality, well-maintained heavy lift rigging equipment and a history of customer service, there's no better choice for moving and rigging solutions than Equip Trucking. We will:

  • Put together a custom package of services based on your business' rigging and moving needs
  • Meet your project deadlines, minimizing downtime for your business
  • Maintain exceptionally high safety standards
  • Facilitate compliance with all local bylaws and codes
  • Provide transparent pricing and open communication every step of the way

We offer heavy lift commercial rigging services for all industrial customers within a three-hour drive of our Lester, Pennsylvania, headquarters. This radius includes industrial movers and riggers in Philadelphia PA, NJ, MD and DE. Your initial consultation with our team is free — call or email for assistance today or, better yet, visit us in person and speak with one of our industrial rigging experts directly.

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