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Conveniently located near Philadelphia International Airport, Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC is one of the leading for-hire trucking companies in Pennsylvania. Our experience sets us apart from our competitors. We're a third-generation family owned and operated company that has been serving Pennsylvania's trucking and hauling needs since 1952.

With our extensive fleet of trucks and trailers (standard flatbeds, removable gooseneck lowboys, step deck trailers, enclosed box trailers, rollback tilt beds and more), we're able to provide a comprehensive assortment of trucking and hauling services throughout much of the state. We can transport just about anything, regardless of size, weight, or configuration.

Our Truck Transport Services

Our array of commercial trucking and shipping services available in Philadelphia, Exton, West Chester and beyond include:

  • Wide, Heavy & OverweightOversized haulingjobs are among the most challenging in the transportation field. With our experience and superior trucking equipment, you can count on us to get your load safely to its destination on time. We'll even navigate the complex regulatory issues, such as permitting, that typically accompany hauling oversized loads through multiple jurisdictions.
  • Heavy Construction: Are you interested in bulldozer, excavator, grader, loader or backhoe transport services? We can handle the transportation of heavy equipment quickly and efficiently, enabling you to keep your projects on schedule.
  • Farming: Farming is vital to the economy of the Keystone State. We can transport your agriculture equipment, such as harvesters, combines, and tractors to and from the field or to another area of your farming operation.
  • CranesThe height of cranes can pose significant obstacles for many PA for-hire trucking companies — but not Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC! Our comprehensive knowledge of Pennsylvania's roadways enables us to plan the safest and most efficient route for your cranes.
  • Tanks: We can effortlessly haul your liquid petroleum tanks and other large containers via flatbed truck.
  • MiningEquipment such as draglines, drills, hydraulic mining shovels, and more are never a problem for Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC. We can accommodate all types of surface and underground mining machinery.
  • Power Manufacturing: We're among the best trucking companies in Pennsylvania. We transport all types of larger manufacturing equipment and machinery for industries such as metalworking, milling, printing, and many others.


We Are Pennsylvania's Commercial Rigging Experts

We provide heavy equipment rigging in addition to our general transport, trucking, and shipping services. Rigging is a complex process that requires highly specialized knowledge — as well as an in-depth understanding of local bylaws, safety codes and other factors.

Equip Trucking is your partner for turnkey project support for difficult rigging jobs. Working with you, we'll develop a comprehensive plan to disassemble, move, store, reassemble, install and set up heavy equipment of any size. Our clients include manufacturers, utility companies and more — whatever the task, we'll strive to minimize disruption to the job site, maintain safety best practices and turn around the project according to schedule. We're available to provide industrial rigging services to PA companies within our service area.

One benefit to working with us is that, as a proudly local company, we are better positioned to handle the specifics of your project. As a longstanding provider of industrial rigging in PA, Equip Trucking has a history of delivering on jobs of any size. You can see some of the work we've done for other businesses in our state in our Past Projects page.

Your initial quote for rigging services is free. Contact us by phone or email to get started.

Complement Transportation With Commercial Warehousing in Pennsylvania

At Equip Trucking & Warehousing, we supply our home state with comprehensive and focused transportation services that leave no room for dissatisfaction. We extend that approach to our various commercial warehousing services, as you can pair them with transport and shipping to massively improve your overall inventory management capabilities.

With an increase in timeliness and efficiency, your company will reap the benefits in short order. If you'd like more information, some of our other services include:

Equipment and Machine Storage

Whether it's agriculture machinery or other seasonally appropriate equipment, sometimes you'll need some added room to free up space around your own facilities. Secure, premium warehousing is a commodity — and we offer a state-of-the-art storage facility that's fully accessible at your convenience.

By utilizing our 200,000-square-foot warehouse, which you'll find located conveniently near Philadelphia International Airport, you'll safely store your unused equipment while increasing overall space for inventory, possibly serving as a boon for your revenue. The warehouse has 75-foot ceilings and cutting-edge features, which means you're getting something far better than some barn or garage. If you need to store items outdoors, we also have 20 acres onsite.

We'll safely move your products using some of our 20-plus forklifts, which can transport anything weighing between 5,000 to 50,000 pounds. We use a radio-operated bridge crane to move heavier belongings and the crane holds a 100-ton capacity.

Commercial Packing and Shipping Services

From storing unused equipment to distributing products to clients, you'll need to consider the state of the product you're handling. Without appropriate packaging, the items in question could find themselves subjected to damage due to poor protection. Regardless of the source, damage represents a possible loss for you, both in terms of money and reputation.

We offer commercial packaging and shipping services for businesses throughout PA, including a heavy-duty shrink wrap that consists of a specially formulated polyethylene plastic. The plastic clings tight to the item's form while offering resistance against moisture and heat as well as dust and other grime. If you decide that you could use our services for more than a one-and-done order, we also offer Pick-and-Pack fulfillment in PA. We will pack and ship your products as specified, essentially handling a large chunk of the duties associated with inventory distribution. By outsourcing this work, you can reduce the workload on your staff, increase your available space and circumvent various costs, all while streamlining the shipping process and reducing overall expenditures.

You can trust in us to fulfill any order. We'll secure your products as necessary and then we'll load them up and ship them off to your desired location using our trucks and other vehicles.

Loading and Unloading


Perhaps no other aspect of the distribution process takes more time than loading and unloading, which you must approach with caution and care. Handling heavy equipment represents a risk to your employees, and improper transport can cause damage to the items as well. Depending on what you need, you can come full circle with our services by utilizing our turnkey industrial rigging services to assist with loading and unloading in different scenarios in PA. Those services include relocation, removal, dismantling and reassembly, and storage.

We Serve the Transportation Needs of All Types of PA Businesses

Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC can provide a customized commercial trucking service for companies across a broad spectrum of industries. We've executed successful hauling projects for construction contractors, heavy equipment rental operations, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, industrial facilities, and machinery dealers. We will work closely with your company to develop and implement the ideal transport solution for your needs and budget.

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