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Machinery Moving & Heavy Rigging: We Do The Job Right

Here at Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC, we have a group of dependable industrial equipment movers who are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and proper equipment to do the job right. With four decades of specialized services under our belt, we offer worry-free services when you need to relocate your equipment. We specialize in industrial rigging and machinery moving services in the Tri-State area. Our commitment to completing our specified job in a timely and professional manner is a quality that puts us above the rest!

We are committed to offering safe and efficient quality services to our customers. We have a variety of forklifts, cranes, and trailers to help us give you the best rigging experience for you or your company. We understand the time and precision in moving industrial and commercial machines. From transportation and disassembly, to setup and reassembly, we have got you covered.

Hydraulic Gantry Crane

Heavy-Duty Machinery Moving Tools

You'll probably benefit from our machine transportation services if your company works with any of the following:

  • Industrial mixers
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Manufacturing ovens
  • Washing equipment
  • Conveyor systems
  • Autoclaves

What Kind of Industries Do We Serve?

We serve customers in diverse industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Power generation
  • Metalworking
  • Mining
  • Medical and pharmaceutica

What are the Benefits of Hiring Industrial Machine Movers?

We make sure that our machinery movers stay up to date with the latest ordinances and best operations in our industry. Our riggers monitor all assets throughout transit and take care of the process of fastening the equipment. Without a trained professional, equipment moving procedures are very dangerous to perform. When hiring our machinery moving company, you will have a diverse compilation of benefits. You can:

  • Reduce worker injuries.
  • Eliminate unnecessary strain on vehicle fleets and machinery.
  • Focus on growing your business while our industrial movers take care of logistics.
  • Reorganize your manufacturing plant with new machine arrivals.


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Machinery Moving Companies Near You

Equip Trucking and Warehousing LLC. offers industrial machinery moving services for all customers within a three-hour drive of our Lester, Pennsylvania, headquarters. This radius includes industrial movers in Philadelphia PA, NJ, MD and DE. We offer a free initial consultation so you can call or email for assistance today to speak with one of our experts!