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Enclosed Box Trailers

Do you have products you need to haul that are sensitive to the elements? Enclosed heavy hauling can help you transport anything from larger equipment to small products you want to ship to customers. If you don't already have an enclosed box trailer, you can purchase one or hire a box trailer hauling company. Equip Trucking & Warehousing is the solution for your business when you want to haul things quickly and easily without the expense of purchasing a fleet.

What Are Enclosed Box Trailers?

Enclosed box trailers come in a variety of sizes and materials. From the large box trailers you see every day on the highway to smaller box trailers with a gooseneck for personal uses, the type of box trailer you choose depends on what type of enclosed equipment hauling you need to do. Whether you need to transport cars or everyday cargo that needs to go to a jobsite, enclosed equipment hauling will keep your tools and heavy equipment safe on the road.

Benefits of Enclosed Heavy Hauling

There are many benefits to choosing an enclosed box trailer over a drop deck or flatbed trailer. Box trailers are completely enclosed, ensuring cargo isn't touched by rain, snow or any other elements. Additional benefits include:

  • There are multiple sizes to fit a large range of cargo needs.
  • The durable design means you won't have to worry about damage.
  • You can lock up what's inside to make it more concern.
  • It can double as a shelter on a jobsite.
  • Some enclosed box trailers have everything from shelves to benches inside, where it can hold almost anything.

You also get additional benefits from choosing Equip Trucking & Warehousing. We take the burden out of purchasing enclosed box trailers for hauling. When you work with us, we make sure your cargo gets where it needs to go, safely and efficiently. We'll even plan out a route ahead of time to avoid traffic and construction.


Applications and Industries

Because enclosed box trailers are so versatile, many industries use them for a variety of applications, including:

  • Heavy equipment hauling: Construction, mining, agriculture and forestry are all industries that rely on heavy equipment to do their job. Some parts can get damaged by the elements and need to travel from job to job in an enclosed box trailer.
  • Entertainment: Summer camps and other resorts thrive on offering a variety of outdoor activities, from ATVs to go-karts, that need to be transported to the resort itself.
  • Automotive transport: Expensive or luxury cars, in particular, need a way to get to a dealer without any potential damage. Hauling those cars in enclosed box trailers will keep them safe.

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