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Your Complete Guide to Moving Machinery

Your Complete Guide to Moving Machinery

The time may come when you need to move your business from one location to another. Plant relocation is necessary if you’ve grown out of your current space and need more square footage to house your specialized machinery. But how should you begin moving your industrial equipment?

The professionals at Equip Trucking have assembled this guide to moving machinery so you can understand the process. It may seem like a huge task to move your machinery to a new location — in reality, it is quite the undertaking. The good news is that you can accomplish it in a safe and efficient way. Read on to find out how.

Moving Industrial Equipment: First Steps

Moving your heavy machinery can range from shifting positions within your current space to moving your assets across the state to a new warehouse. However extensive your upcoming equipment relocation may be, the project will need careful planning and proper execution. Start planning and preparing now to ensure the more difficult steps are easier down the line.

First, you need to conduct a risk assessment. Walk around your space and analyze the equipment you’ll be moving, plus the surrounding area. Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Are there any sharp edges on the machine or nearby that can pose a safety risk?
  • Can you transport the machines in one piece, or do you need to disassemble them?
  • Are there any loose parts on the machine that can fall off?
  • Are there any moving parts on the commercial equipment that could snag clothing or hair?
  • How heavy is the equipment you need to move?

Write down your answers to these questions. You may be unable to answer them all, but commercial equipment movers can provide insight when the time comes. Answering these questions early in the process can help you take measures to limit risks to you and your employees. You’ll also get a better picture of how extensive the moving process might be. You may need to hire a professional team to get the job done.

The next order of business is to start planning the moving process itself. If you’re moving equipment you and your employees can handle yourselves, make sure you have the necessary tools. Use this time to think about how you’ll move the items and which paths you’ll take. This will speed up the process and make sure it happens safely and efficiently. The next section will look more closely at how to move your equipment, big or small.

How to Move Industrial Equipment

Whether you’re moving items yourself or seeking help from professionals, you should have a deeper understanding of the process. Your business may already have some of the tools needed to move your equipment. Some items may require a bit more problem-solving to transport. Either way, here are some useful tools and methods of moving your business’s industrial equipment:

  • Machine skates: Machine skates are sturdy platforms with wheels used for moving items from point A to point B. They are available in various sizes for different types of moving projects. You can even use several machine skates for a single item, depending on its size and shape. Place your equipment on the machine skates and push them to their destination. They have a weight limit, so make sure to avoid overloading them.
  • Roller skids or caster wheels: These items are wheels you can screw or bolt onto your heavy machinery to make them mobile. You must lift the machinery from the ground to attach the wheels underneath. Then you can push the equipment wherever you desire.
  • Toe jacks or pallet jacks: These wheeled hydraulic jacks are common in warehouses and stores with heavy products and items on the move. Slide one end into a pallet or similar item beneath your object and pump the jack on the other end to raise it. Then you’ll have full control to push, pull and steer the object wherever it needs to go.
  • Hand trucks: Hand trucks are great for moving stacks of heavy boxes, but they can also aid in moving some of your industrial equipment if the size is right. With a wheeled platform on one end and handles on the other, they can transport heavy objects around your warehouse. They’ll surely come in handy throughout your moving process.
  • Commercial equipment movers: You also have the option to leave your plant relocation tasks to the professionals. The right company will provide all the services you need to make your move as stress-free as possible. The next section will discuss what to look for in a professional equipment moving company.

Professional Equipment Moving Services

Professional Equipment Moving Services

When choosing a company to transport your precious industrial equipment, make sure they provide comprehensive services. Factory relocation services should cover every step of the process, whatever your unique needs are. Here are the most important services to look for when moving industrial equipment:

  • Trucking: Do you need a truck to move your machinery? Heavy equipment trucking services are essential for any company you choose. Whether you’re transporting a few pallets or an entire warehouse of stock and equipment, you need a company with reliable trucks and experienced truckers to get the job done.
  • Warehousing: Do you need to store any products or equipment? If you need short- or long-term storage, choose a professional equipment moving company that offers equipment warehousing solutions. When the same business that’s moving your machinery is also storing it, the whole process is easier.
  • Rigging: Heavy machinery rigging is a valuable and necessary service for moving your expensive industrial equipment. Machine riggers do more than haul your heavy equipment. They handle every step of the process. This includes assembly, disassembly, moving and making adjustments to keep the project running smoothly. When you have equipment that seems impossible to move or adjust, machine riggers can accomplish the task.
  • Loading and unloading: It might come as a surprise, but some companies will make you do the loading and unloading with industrial mahchinery moving. You should find a business that provides comprehensive loading and unloading services. This includes packaging, crating, shrinkwrapping and anything else needed for the move.

Choose Equip Trucking for Your Industrial Equipment Relocation Needs

Equip Trucking results from three generations of business experience in the industrial and machinery field. We know how to handle any moving job, from pulling off the most complicated factory relocation project to storing some of your items in our warehouse. We handle every step of the process, including loading and unloading. Our machine riggers are ready to go, and we know how to transport and care for your expensive machinery.

We offer free quotes, so contact us online today for an estimate. Equip Trucking is your comprehensive solution for all your relocation needs. We look forward to working with you.
Choose Equip Trucking for Your Industrial Equipment Relocation Needs