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Why It’s Okay to Buy Used Machinery

Working in Equip Trucking WarehouseIf you need equipment for a new project or want to build out your fleet, it’s tempting to look at new equipment. But if the latest equipment models are outside your budget, consider buying a used machine. Many people hesitate when it comes to used equipment, but there are many benefits of buying your machinery pre-owned.

1. You Stay Within Your Budget

Because used equipment is not new, there is one major benefit — lower prices. Depending on the equipment history provided by the dealer, you may also be able to negotiate a lower price. You could even receive a warranty with your purchase, although this depends on the dealer. Choosing used over new allows you to stay within budget and not spend more than you have to. This way, you can reinvest funds into other parts of your business.

2. Used Equipment Holds Its Value

Like a new car, new equipment begins to depreciate the moment it’s in your name. The price you paid is not the price you will get if you ever decide to sell. Used equipment works differently — as long as you take care of pre-owned machinery and maintain it correctly, it tends to hold its value for longer. There’s also a good chance you could sell it for a similar price as what you paid, ensuring you receive a positive return on investment.

3. You Can Get Equipment on the Spot

Buying new equipment typically comes with a waiting period when the order is processed, appropriate adjustments or attachments are added, and the order is shipped. Because machinery is a heavy-duty package, shipping delays may also occur. When you purchase used machinery from a local dealer, you can almost instantly take the machinery off the lot.

In addition, when you buy used from your dealer, you have the luxury of seeing pre-owned equipment in person. Testing out a piece of equipment will give you the confidence you need to make a smart buying decision.

4. You Can Find the Machinery That Works

When you find a machine that works for you and does everything you require, there’s no need to change things up. New equipment often requires you to train your employees in the new features and technologies. When you want a specific make, model and year of equipment, start by researching your local dealers. There is a good chance you’ll find the same machinery that you know and trust for sale in your area at a budget-friendly price.

Let Equip Trucking & Warehousing, LLC Transport Your Used Machinery

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