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Safety Advice for Loading and Unloading Heavy Equipment

Equip Trucking Hauling John Deere EquipmentLoading, transporting and unloading heavy loads are dangerous tasks that can cause serious injuries or even fatalities if proper care isn’t taken. Workers loading and unloading trucks have to watch for falling heavy objects, as well as potential hazards that could cause spills or injuries. Following the right safety advice before moving heavy machinery can keep your workers safe and help you load and unload heavy equipment faster.

Inspect the Vehicle First

Do you know how to keep your heavy equipment safe when moving? It requires the right safety measures and vehicle for the job. Always inspect your vehicle before loading and unloading heavy equipment. Make sure horns, reflectors, lights and other safety features are working.

When loading heavy equipment, provide guards for dangerous parts of the vehicle, including chain drives and exposed exhaust pipes. Then make sure the vehicle is braked and stabilized before loading any equipment. You should also frequently check your cargo as you go, especially if you’re traveling long distances.

Provide Ample Training

Every time workers interact with mobile heavy equipment, there are safety risks involved. In a warehouse setting, pedestrians may be unaware of the risk of forklifts, and drivers may find it hard to see in certain conditions. Loading heavy equipment on and off of trucks leaves workers vulnerable to a variety of safety concerns. Always inform workers of the right unloading and loading heavy equipment procedures before they start working. Provide plenty of training to ensure workers don’t become complacent.

Work With a Team

You need a well-trained team that understands the safety info necessary for moving heavy equipment. Have a driver park the flatbed truck or trailer on level, stable ground. Then a mobile equipment operator who is experienced in operating the heavy equipment you’re loading or unloading should know how to safely load or unload the equipment onto or off of the trailer.

You should also assign workers watch the heavy equipment’s movement on foot. A spotter can provide directions to the operator who is positioning the equipment while loading and unloading.

Use the Right Equipment

You can’t complete the right procedure for loading and unloading heavy equipment without the proper safety gear. Make sure everyone in your crew wears a set of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Most states have standards that mandate the minimum number of tie-down points based on load weight. Many require four points for loads over 10,000 pounds. Make sure each point has its own binder or boomer, as well as individual chains that you connect to the trailer’s hitch points.

Work With Equip Trucking

Although you can and should follow the above safety advice before moving heavy machinery, the best way to ensure accuracy and safety is by working with a trusted company such as Equip Trucking. We have over 30 years of experience loading and unloading heavy equipment and can handle all of your transportation and storage needs. Contact us to learn more today.