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Reasons Why Riggers Liability Insurance Is Important

Riggers Liability Insurance Equip Trucking

Every day, riggers work in demanding conditions that come with associated risks, and it’s critical to have the proper protection. If you’re navigating current operations and wondering whether riggers liability insurance is a worthwhile investment, you’ll find many reasons to get coverage.

Whatever your project goals, processes and workload, investing in the right insurance options can help protect your business, your workers, your equipment and the general public. Explore why crane and rigging insurance might be right for you.

What Is Riggers Liability Insurance?

Riggers liability insurance can address several risks you may encounter at a work site while lifting heavy equipment. Specifically, the insurance covers equipment under your operating control that you don’t own. If you’re lifting machinery belonging to a client and an accident occurs, this insurance will help protect you from liability.

While general liability insurance typically covers the expenses of associated injuries in an accident, it likely won’t compensate for the equipment damage. Without equipment coverage, you could be liable to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement costs. Riggers insurance addresses the risk you take on when you handle property belonging to someone else. You can choose from various coverage limits for items you’re transporting, allowing you to cover any losses in an accident.

When you have this specialized coverage, your business is covered even if equipment or other belongings sustain damage during a fall or other mishap. Your policy can likely protect any property in your custody during transportation or installation. If you are held liable for damage, your policy will provide defense and pay the claim. Crane and rigging insurance is a key solution to help your business respond if something goes wrong during normal operations.

Who Needs Riggers Liability Insurance?

Any workers classified as riggers — working at tall heights and handling heavyweight items on the job — may benefit from riggers and machinery movers general liability insurance. You and your crew frequently work with complex equipment and operate in inclement weather, so the potential for accidents and falls is significant.

To provide adequate risk management, you should get coverage for all contractors who specialize in lifting property that doesn’t belong to them. This type of insurance is specifically designed for the kinds of work they handle regularly.

Benefits of Investing in Insurance

Why invest in rigger’s liability insurance? As you evaluate your options, it’s essential to understand the industry’s risks and find the right solutions. You can secure several critical advantages from getting the appropriate coverage for your contractors:

  • Protects your business: With reliable insurance coverage, you can protect your business from losing money in damage remunerations.
  • Attracts more business: You can better safeguard your reputation with proven insurance coverage and a proactive plan for handling accidents that demonstrates your accountability.
  • Prevents downtime: Investing in liability insurance can help minimize downtime, giving you the resources to support your workers and ensure you can cover damage costs without halting operations.
  • Offers flexibility for your needs: Liability insurance provides flexible coverage options for everything from project-specific policies to yearlong protection. You can also add it as an endorsement to your general liability policy or get it separately.

Why Having Riggers Liability Insurance Is Important

Crane and rigging insurance is worthwhile because it can support your operations in the long term. Rather than struggling with the high costs of accidental property damage, you can move forward with coverage that keeps your business safe.

Your coverage is an investment in your business, your contractors and your equipment, as well as a safeguard for clients and members of the public. Coupled with general liability insurance, you can help keep everyone at and around the work site safe as well.

Your liability insurance can provide support for your company in several key ways:

  1. Coverage for operators: Because rigger operators face a high risk of injury on the job, they need reliable insurance to cover loss of income and protect them from liability.
  2. Coverage for compliance: If you encounter a situation where your equipment accidentally violates state pollution laws, insurance can help protect you from lawsuits and fines.
  3. Coverage for the public: Your liability insurance can help ensure the general public and your clients are safe in case of accidental property damage or other high-risk situations.
  4. Coverage for equipment: You need the right resources to cover damage liability so you can keep your equipment running and pay for repairs when needed.

Optimize your operational safety and efficiency with Equip Trucking

Optimize Your Operational Safety and Efficiency With Equip Trucking

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