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Machinery Moving for the Commercial Industry

Machinery Moving for the Commercial Industry

Moving commercial machinery in numerous industries requires specialized expertise and tools. As a business owner, you know how intricate moving your business can be.

You can improve your relocation’s efficiency with commercial movers. Commercial equipment moving services offer you a streamlined and stress-free process. With expert tools and training, commercial movers are a reliable and cost-effective solution.

What Is Commercial Moving?

Commercial moving is relocating office, factory or warehouse equipment to a new location. It is more complex than residential moving and requires professional expertise and tools. Commercial moving can involve moving office equipment, such as furniture, cubicles, desks, tables, chairs, filing cabinets and printers.

Commercial movers can also move electronic equipment like computers, laptops, cables and screens. Companies can also hire commercial movers to transport heavy machinery like excavators or manufacturing equipment from warehouses, industrial buildings, and research and lab facilities.

Commercial moving includes logistics, packing, storage, unpacking and international relocation services. These companies have experience and expertise in moving and transporting numerous industry equipment, including:

  • Metalworking: Metalworking equipment includes milling machines, welding equipment and drilling machines.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical: This equipment might be X-ray machines, capsule filling equipment or ultrasound machines.
  • Industrial and manufacturing: Industrial equipment includes compressors, tanks, mixers, grinding machines and CNC machines.
  • Construction: Heavy construction equipment includes trenchers, forklifts, bulldozers, skid steers and cranes.
  • Agriculture: This equipment might be tractors, harvesters or excavators.
  • Power generation: Power equipment includes turbines, generators and transformers.

Do I Need a Commercial Move Coordinator?

Commercial moving can be an overwhelming task. Moving valuable and heavy equipment requires time, effort and skills. It can be challenging without suitable tools, organization and training.

Moving coordinators have professional experience in relocating businesses and factory equipment. They can organize each step of the move, from planning and logistics to packing and unpacking. Moving coordinators can ensure a smooth and efficient relocation. Here are some benefits of hiring a commercial move coordinator:

Professional Training

Moving coordinators work with your commercial moving company. They are trained and experienced in organizing local and international business relocations. Move coordinators can help you plan an inventory and coordinate staff and processes like packing, unpacking and storage. They also keep track of budgets and payments and ensure every process happens on schedule.

Communication and Logistics

Move coordinators can handle various logistics like planning equipment packing and transporting, storage services, and unpacking and installation. They communicate every step of the process and moving schedule. They help organize commercial moving teams, providing a streamlined process.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Working with a move coordinator can save you time and money. You can focus on your business and operations while they take care of your relocation. They will coordinate with your staff and keep everyone updated and on course.

Coordinators guide movers in packing, transporting and unpacking all equipment and make sure everything runs efficiently. Moving coordinating services may be included in your commercial moving package, offering a once-off and affordable solution.

End-to-End Service

Professional coordinators can organize required moving permits. Coordinators will communicate with third-party services and manage necessary local or international relocation documents.

Customer Support

Your moving coordinators can offer around-the-clock support in the moving process. They will resolve and organize any change of plans. They work quickly, plan for various circumstances and can provide a backup plan if necessary. With a move coordinator, you know your commercial relocation is in good hands.

How Much Do Commercial Movers Cost?

Commercial relocation costs vary depending on your equipment weight and volume, moving distance and storage requirements.

Equipment Weight and Volume

Your business equipment weight and volume are one of the most critical factors. Commercial equipment movers can charge you based on the size and volume of your machinery and tools.

Moving heavy machinery is a delicate task that requires specialized packing, unpacking and transportation methods and can cost more to move than smaller equipment. Professional movers can offer customized estimates for machinery volume and weight.


Commercial movers can provide an estimate based on how far your new location is and the logistics required. International relocations can require intricate organizing, planning and transporting. It can also include shipping and customs fees and special handling requirements.


Commercial relocation costs vary depending on your equipment weight and volume, moving distance and storage requirements. 

Your building complexity can determine your moving costs. Moving equipment into buildings with narrow entrances, stairs, elevators and long pathways can require more care and time.


Commercial moving companies can offer insurance coverage in case of any damage during the move. They can add this cost as part of your estimate of the package.

Other Services

Heavy equipment movers can offer crating, packaging, loading and unloading equipment, and storage. Comprehensive moving equipment services can provide a coordinated, efficient and cost-effective solution, whether relocating locally or internationally.

How Can I Move Heavy Commercial Equipment Near Me?

You can move your heavy commercial equipment with professional heavy machinery moving services. Commercial equipment movers have the knowledge, experience and tools in commercial relocations. They offer extensive and expert commercial equipment relocation services, including:

  • Packaging: Commercial movers can shrink-wrap and pallet your equipment, ensuring it is secure and protected during transportation and handling.
  • Trucking: Professional movers can load and unload your equipment safely and efficiently with specialized trucking features like hydraulic tilting and tilt beds.
  • Rigging services: Rigging can help prepare your machinery for packing and transporting. Commercial movers have tools for strapping and securing equipment components and can ensure they are loaded, stored and unloaded accurately.
  • Storage: Professional movers can offer extensive storage facilities and warehouses for keeping your equipment safe
  • Loading and unloading: Companies have skilled staff and specialized tools like forklifts to load and unload your equipment, minimizing harm or damage.
  • Export packing: Moving companies offer services that can streamline your internal equipment relocation.

Where Can I Find Commercial Movers Near Me?

Equip Trucking LLC offers commercial equipment moving services in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We service numerous industries, including metalworking, medical and industrial manufacturing. We offer high-quality and comprehensive commercial moving services and can ensure a smooth and efficient transition.

Where Can I Find Heavy Equipment Moving Companies Near Me?

With over 40 years of industry experience, Equip Trucking is an expert in heavy equipment moving. We offer extensive equipment hauling services, including rigging, packaging, storage and international exporting in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. We have specialized tools and transportation and can relocate your heavy machinery locally and internationally.

Why Should I Choose Equip Trucking for My Commercial Move?

Equip Trucking is a family-owned business founded in 1982. We understand the complexities of commercial moves and offer comprehensive commercial equipment moving services. We facilitate your relocation from start to finish.

We will plan your move, advise your team and provide solutions tailored to your needs. We will update you on the moving process and lead you and your staff to a smooth, safe and efficient transition. We are committed to providing organized, reliable, high-quality commercial equipment moving services.

Trust Equip Trucking for Your Commercial Equipment Moving Needs

Trust Equip Trucking for Your Commercial Equipment Moving Needs

Equip Trucking is more than a moving company — we’re experts in relocating commercial heavy equipment. We invest in equipment moving training and expertise and offer premium equipment moving solutions. We know how essential a smooth and efficient move is for businesses. Our team of professionals handles your logistics while you run your business as usual.

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