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How to Properly Store and Maintain Your Heavy Equipment and Machinery

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Your heavy equipment and machinery represent a large investment, and you need it to stay in good condition to continue running your company. However, improperly storing equipment leaves it susceptible to wear and tear, breakdowns and internal and external damage. Even minor damage or a short breakdown can lead to a high price tag and costly downtime at your job site. Below, we look at the best advice for storing commercial heavy equipment, so you can continue working with complete peace of mind.

Protect It From the Elements

While it may seem expensive to rent or buy the right storage location, it’s important to store your heavy equipment in a place that protects it from extreme weather, direct sunlight, rust, corrosion and other environmental factors. Some of our best warehousing and machinery storage advice is to find a large storage space where you can put your equipment away each day. Find a storage yard that will keep machines clean and offers the space you need to store all of your equipment until your next job.

Perform Preventive Maintenance

If you only work on your equipment when it breaks down, you’re setting yourself up for expensive repairs and major downtime. Create a regular cleaning routine and establish written guidelines for keeping fluids filled. This can help you detect any operational problems early before they become larger issues. We also recommend following the manufacturer guidelines for regular lubrication, so you can extend the life of your heavy equipment.

Inspect Your Machinery Before Use

Before you use your heavy equipment, check for any oil leaks and misalignment. If you’re routinely operating over rough terrain, your machinery can become misaligned. Checking for these issues in advance can save you time and money down the road. Pay attention to any exposed electrical wiring, as well. Covering machinery with a secure protective tarp can stop unnecessary wear and tear and help make it easy to operate your machinery when you’re ready.

Keep Detailed Records

You should include record-keeping as part of your equipment care routine, so you can keep track of when your machines need servicing. Schedule preventive maintenance check-ups then record those results in a spreadsheet. If your equipment starts underperforming, you can look at your records to understand when, where and why the problem first started.

You should also keep track of any repairs you make, so you can stay aware of recurring problems. If your equipment doesn’t live up the promised warranties, you can take it back to the OEM with your detailed paperwork.

Work With Equip Trucking to Store Your Equipment

If you’re still wondering how to maintain heavy commercial machinery, you can find the solution with Equip Trucking. We offer a variety of storage services for different equipment types and projects. We have 20 acres of outdoor storage, as well as a 200,000-square-foot heated warehouse with tall ceilings. When you work with us, you can feel confident your machinery is protected and safe in storage for the next time you need it.

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