How to Dispose of Old Machinery

Old Construction EquipmentYou may be anxious to dispose of your used scrap equipment and machinery. Maybe it’s taking up space or becoming an inconvenience. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with lightening your load, but is there a way you can benefit in the process? Consider these five solutions for getting rid of your machinery in a cost-effective and beneficial way.

1. Recycle or Scrap It

If your machinery is run down to the point that it’s no longer functional, the best solution is to recycle it. Many metal and scrap yards will take your machinery apart and make use of its material. Some scrap yards will even pay you for your equipment, depending on its make. Machining scrap is always valuable, and recycling keeps items out of landfills.

2. Auction It

Auctions are a smart choice, especially if you have equipment that’s in high demand. Scheduling an auction requires little time, and your machinery is guaranteed to sell among a large group of people. Another benefit of an auction is the kinds of people you may encounter. Prospective buyers at your auction will most likely work in a similar field, which allows you to make new professional connections.

3. Partner With a Broker

Brokers are highly knowledgeable in equipment and machinery. If you have something worth selling, a broker can help you determine a price and use their connections to find a seller quickly. Using a broker enables you to make money faster compared to selling the equipment independently. You could also establish a long-term partnership with your broker, using them whenever you have equipment for sale.

4. Trade It for a New One

If you have limited time to clean the machine, take pictures and market it, trading can be a good option. No need to worry about selling your equipment and machinery — a dealer takes care of the logistics. All you have to do is negotiate with the dealer about what the machine is worth and what a fair trade would be.

5. Sell Directly to a Buyer

Your used factory equipment may be valuable to someone else, whether they are on a budget or looking for older equipment. That’s why selling your equipment can be a great option, as long as you have the time to find the right buyer. By selling, you can ensure your machine remains in use and make some money on the side. Start by posting an advertisement online or in a newspaper and wait for someone to reach out to you.

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