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How to Choose the Best Heavy Hauling Company

New Custom State of the Art Multi Million Dollar Machine installWho are you willing to trust to haul your valuable assets? Whether you need to transport construction machines, semiconductor equipment, conveyors, HVAC units or any other heavy or oversized load, it’s crucial to choose a provider you’re confident can get the job done right — especially when a single error, accident or oversight can cost your business thousands of dollars in lost productivity, damages, fines, negative publicity and more.

If you’re looking at heavy equipment hauling companies in your area, consider the following questions for determining which one is the best fit.

Can They Do the Job for the Right Price?

There are many things to think about when it comes to finding the best heavy haul company for your business, but you might as well start at cost. If they can’t work within your spending budget, you should scratch them off the list. Get a price quote first, make sure it includes every line item to confirm there are no hidden or surprise charges, then compare against the competition.

Do They Have Insurance and a Strong Safety Record?

Make sure any company you’re considering for heavy haul and rigging has the appropriate insurance in place. There are also a variety of certifications and permits necessary when you’re transporting certain types of equipment and loads. You need a partner that’s informed and in compliance with all local, state and federal industry standards for your particular project.

What Defines Their Service Area?

Most local heavy equipment hauling companies are constrained to working in a defined territory. Inquire about any limitations to ensure the provider you choose not only covers your pickup location but is also able to provide delivery to the desired destination.

Is the Heavy Haul and Rigging Company Proven Dependable?

Transporting heavy loads can be extremely complex and challenging. It’s good to know the company that’s doing the hauling has experience in successfully completing a broad range of projects. Be sure to check online reviews and ask around for word-of-mouth recommendations. The ideal provider will have an impeccable reputation and can point to past projects and provide references upon request.

Do They Have a Comprehensive Fleet of Heavy Haul Transport Equipment?

Are you transporting heavy equipment such as hydraulic excavators or backhoe loaders? Do you have what constitutes a wide or overweight load? Do you require commercial hoisting and rigging or have some other specialized hauling requests? The partner you’re looking for should have a complete selection of equipment that includes an assortment of trucks and trailers capable of accommodating loads of all sizes, weights and configurations. It’s equally essential for the equipment fleet to feature quality machines maintained and tested to be in excellent operating condition.

What Are the Qualifications and Capabilities of Their Team?

The best heavy haul companies are continually investing in the quality and training of their employees. Drivers should be appropriately licensed and accredited based on the project requirements and able to exhibit a high level of skill and attention to detail. You want to know that the people you’re entrusting your equipment to know what to expect on the road and follow safety procedures and best practices to ensure a safe, timely and productive trip.

Communication & Customer Care

One of the worst things that can happen in your relationship with a service provider is to be kept in the dark. The company you choose needs to demonstrate a commitment to customer service and ongoing support. They should be in touch about everything, from scheduling and trip updates to arrival times and delivery confirmations. There’s always a chance something doesn’t go to plan, and you need a partner who will keep you up-to-date and take a proactive approach to troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Choosing a Heavy Hauling Company You Can Rely On

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