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Guide to Machine Moving and Rigging Services

Guide to machinery moving and rigging services - Equip Trucking

Installing, dismantling and transporting heavy equipment and machinery can be a tall order. Typically requiring special labor and tools to get the job done right, handling the logistics of such equipment should not be left to just anyone. Using machine moving and rigging services will provide you with the expertise to safely and efficiently manage heavy-duty machinery and specialized rigging projects.

Whether you need assistance with industrial plant relocations or have to maneuver even the heaviest of loads, you can use a rigging service for all of your heavy-lifting needs.

Machine Movers vs. Riggers

Riggers specialize in moving any kind of heavy-duty load with the use of specialist equipment. They know how to move every type of load a project may require, and their duties focus more on the overall logistics of loading and unloading things safely and in a timely manner. The main task is to determine how they can move extremely large and heavy objects and get them to fit within a certain amount of space in the best possible way.
On the other hand, a machine mover can perform the same tasks as a rigger. However, machine movers will have the necessary training to know how to assemble, erect, level, align and perform maintenance on the machinery and equipment they are moving. This includes a wide range of machinery for a variety of manufacturing industries.

What Are Rigging Services?

When you have projects that require heavy-duty lifting and transportation, rigging services are the solution. A professional rigging service will provide you with professional riggers to bring expertise to each job. Because of the strength and durability of rigging equipment, you can rest assured that rigging services will be able to handle any job, regardless of size or complication. Specialized rigging equipment includes:

  • Flatbeds
  • Lowboys
  • Drop-decks
  • Hydraulic tilting trailers
  • Rollback tilt beds
  • 100-ton bridge cranes

You can trust that a professional, certified rigging team will get everything you need from the starting location to the final destination efficiently and safely. When you choose rigging services, be sure to select one that offers a variety of services beyond just moving equipment. High-quality, professional rigging services will offer advanced planning and project management services alongside your moving needs. Further, you can find rigging services that offer other services, including:

  • Preparing loading and unloading procedures at sites
  • Ensuring all of the required equipment will be available
  • Determining the most effective and safest moving route
  • Taking care to not exceed local load weight limits
  • Working out any permitting issues

With a rigging service, you can receive many different services to match your rigging needs perfectly. A rigging service ensures you receive only the safest, risk-free services for a smooth transition.

What Is Machinery Moving?

Heavy-duty machines are a necessity within the manufacturing industry. They are built to be tough, durable and efficient, which means they can generally take a considerable amount of wear and tear. Machines that may require special moving services can include:

  • Industrial mixers
  • Manufacturing ovens
  • Conveyor systems
  • Autoclaves
  • Washing equipment
  • And many others

When these machines need moving, it can be quite challenging without the appropriate means. That is why hiring heavy machinery movers is the best solution for the safe transportation of heavy-duty machines. Industrial machine movers have the appropriate training, certifications and up-to-date knowledge of the most current regulations for the job. Because of their high levels of experience and skills, they can offer their services to several industries such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Power generation
  • Metalworking
  • Mining
  • Medical and pharmaceutical

Machine moving companies have professional staff who will handle every step of the moving process and carefully dismantle, assemble and re-install heavy machinery. They will also handle leveling, millwrighting and utility connections to ensure everything is just as it should be once movers assemble it in place.

Machine movers tend to be more mechanically inclined, while riggers know how to best move around and place large, heavy loads.

Typical Duties and Benefits of Machine Rigging

Riggers and machine movers both offer important hands-on services. Machine movers tend to be more mechanically inclined, while riggers know how to best move around and place large, heavy loads. Depending on the circumstances of the project at hand, such as weight, size, location, environment and other factors, movers and riggers can interchange with one another. Both movers and riggers perform a number of important duties such as:

  • Attaching ropes and cables to secure loads safely
  • Knowing how to safely utilize rigging tools, including slings, winches and chokers
  • Examining the size and weight of a load properly to determine the appropriate equipment needed for the job
  • Identifying any potential hazards that accompany moving heavy loads to prevent damage or injury
  • Finding the center of gravity and using it to keep a load steady and balanced
  • Using verbal communication and hand signals to efficiently and safely communicate with operators during moves
  • Moving equipment within the same facility or as far as across state borders

Machinery movers and riggers at Equip Trucking have a particularly useful skillset, and hiring them professionally provides many benefits, including:

  • Reducing chances of worker-related injuries
  • Eliminating the need of putting unnecessary strain on company fleets and machinery
  • Gaining assistance to help you manage all of the logistics, thanks to the experts
  • Helping with the preparation of manufacturing facilities to bring in new arrivals
  • Following all strict high-safety and compliance standards, local codes and by-laws
  • Working hard and efficiently to meet project deadlines while minimizing disruptions to daily operations
  • Customizing services based on project and business needs
  • Offering clear pricing and open communication through the entire process from start to finish

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