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Benefits of Hiring Professional Machinery Movers

Benefits of Hiring Professional Machinery Movers

When moving heavy machinery or equipment over long distances, you may want to consider hiring a professional company specializing in the safety and care of heavy-duty equipment. For those in construction, metalworking, mining or a similar industry, implementing proper moving techniques can help keep you and your company safe.

4 Key Benefits of Hiring Professional Machinery Movers

Professional machinery movers comply with the latest rules and regulations to ensure the best operations possible. They use special riggers and equipment to monitor your assets throughout their transit and fasten the equipment to the trailer or truck.

Performing these moving procedures on your own can be very dangerous and result in possible injuries or severe harm to your equipment. Hiring a professional can help mitigate these risks and has various other benefits.

Here are four benefits of hiring expert movers for your machinery:

1. Leads to Fewer Injuries

If you want your workplace to remain safe, hire professional machinery movers. These experts ensure your heavy equipment has been assessed for risks while working hard to minimize the chance of accidents or injuries.

Incredibly bulky or heavy equipment and machinery can be hard to move on your own, even with the help of other team members. If someone unqualified or inexperienced happens to move the equipment themselves, it increases the chance of injury and could negatively affect your bottom line. Any accidents may have to be reported, resulting in more delays to your project while investigations are conducted.

2. Creates Less Fleet and Machinery Strain

Having the right moving equipment is also important. You’ll want to hire a moving company that uses the correct equipment for the job. The wrong moving equipment could result in project delays, more costly moves or potentially dangerous situations. Hiring a professional company ensures your machinery is correctly moved without strain on the moving fleet or the equipment itself.

3. Allows Greater Focus on Other Business Areas

When you hire a professional machinery moving company, you can rest assured they have the process covered. This peace of mind leaves you more room to focus on other crucial aspects of your business. Experts can load and unload your machines using special tools and tracking systems, ensuring your equipment arrives promptly. Efficient moving helps you and your company continue operations without delay or worry.

4. Offers More Organization Overall

You can effectively move machinery to new manufacturing or construction sites and improve your company’s overall organization. With expert help, you can ensure the moving process is streamlined and have no worries about the safety practices of your business.

What Are the Dangers of Moving Machinery Without Professionals?

Moving heavy machinery without the help of professionals can be dangerous. Inexperienced personnel could cause damage to the machinery your company has invested its time and money in. Here are some dangerous scenarios your business could experience if you don’t hire professional movers:

  • Injuries: Inexperience in lifting or relocating heavy machinery could lead to personal injury.
  • Equipment strain: The weight of heavy machinery could cause stress on the moving equipment if using improper techniques.
  • Inadequate rigging: Using the wrong rigging to lift and move the machinery could cause your equipment to drop, resulting in extreme damage that could lead to expensive repairs.
  • Costly damages: In some cases, your equipment may be covered by insurance. However, insurance may not cover some damage, meaning you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket to replace or repair any damaged machinery.

What Does an Experienced Machinery Moving Company Look Like?

An experienced machinery moving company will have reliable training and professional team members who understand the ins and outs of how to transport heavy equipment. Here are five ways an experienced company can help you streamline the moving process:

1. Expert Planning

Special rigging is often required to lift and transport heavy machinery. Professional movers will work hard to execute a successful rigging project through safety plans and precautions. First, they may determine the lift required to move your equipment and base their strategy on that lift. After identifying potential hazards, the professionals will establish safety precautions and move through a designated lift team.

2. Necessary Licenses and Insurance

Professional machinery movers have the proper licenses and insurance policies for moving equipment. The rigging and gear required to move machines come with high-risk levels, and experts can ensure that the process involves planning, proper tools, safety training and correct certifications.

Necessary Licenses and Insurance - Equip Trucking

Even with the correct licenses and insurance, risk events may still happen. Ensure your hired movers are fully licensed operators and ask for proof of insurance. Without insurance, your company may be responsible for any damage that occurs. This scenario may also result in project delays, eventually hurting your bottom line.

3. The Right Equipment

An expert moving company will have the equipment required to lift and transport your important machinery. A crane is one of the essential pieces of equipment the company should have. The kind of crane required depends on a few factors, including how much you need to lift, how high you can raise the machine and the horizontal reach of the crane. A professional team should also come equipped with rigging machines and the appropriate vehicles for transporting the machines.

4. Adequate Industry Experience

The machinery moving company should also have years of experience in the industry, making them a reliable business you can depend on. Because every moving project is unique, you’ll want a team that has the skills and expertise to safely and efficiently move your machines without fail. Ask about their previous projects and references to get a good idea of their experience.

5. A Focus on Safety

Safety should be the top priority of every professional machinery moving company. The team should be certified by NCCCO and certified by OSHA. The team should enforce on-site compliance and keep up with training and certification. With secure procedures and equipment, your company can rest assured your machines and personnel will remain safe.

Our Experience

Equip Trucking and Warehousing, LLC is an industrial equipment moving company with the skill, experience and equipment necessary to safely transfer your machinery from point A to point B. With over four decades of experience in the machinery moving business, you can depend on our company to provide industrial rigging and moving services in a professional and timely manner.

Your company may benefit from the help of Equip Trucking services if you work with industrial mixers, manufacturing ovens, conveyor systems or other similar types of machinery. We assist and serve clients in various industries, from manufacturing and construction to metalworking and pharmaceuticals.

Hire Professional Machinery Movers at Equip Trucking

Hire Professional Machinery Movers at Equip Trucking

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